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2006 April 09

Misc. New Oscillators and Spaceships

32P20H10V0 Jason Summers has found a simple new way to stabilize one of the first known puffer trains, the Period 20 B-Heptomino Puffer Train, turning it into a small 2c/4 Period 20 Spaceship.

Period 4 Snowflake Agar Nicolay Beluchenko has found a way to stablize the edges and corners of the Period 4 Snowflake Agar, allowing the creation of Period 4 Oscillators.

Period 4 Snowflake Agar Other components exist, which can be used to create these simplest forms of the agar oscillator.

c/4 wave spaceship Nicolay Beluchenko found a way to terminate some c/4 Waves found earlier by Hartmut Holzwart, allowing for the creation of a variety of spaceships.