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2006 March 01

Engineered Objects
New p2 'Blinker-Keeper' and H-to-G Converters

p1134 gun based on David Bell's doubling of a blinker-keeper
p1110+24N, N=1: Dave Greene, 13 November 2005
In November, David Bell found a way to recycle a glider from a 'blinker-keeper' mechanism discovered a couple of months previously, to produce a series of compact guns whose periods were multiples of 5, 6, 7, or 8. This improved a number of the glider guns in Jason Summers' extended gun collection.

p496 "blinker keeper" oscillator maintains an accessible blinker
toward its left edge, deleting and recreating if necessary
Here is the original 'blinker-keeper' pattern on which the new guns were based: a blinker is reconstructed every 496 generations if it is found to be missing.

p488+8N pi-factory gun with alternate p2 H->G
(p488 in gun collection is smaller; this just shows the new H->G)
Dave Greene, 20 Sep 2005
p496 bootstrapped pi-factory gun: Dave Greene, 20 Sep 2005
(can produce Herschel output via standard Fx176 conduit)
The blinker-keeper in turn was based on a pair of new Herschel conduits, which could also be used in building a series of compact guns, this time improving the size of glider guns in the main gun collection.