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2006 March 01

Antstretchers and tubeaters

c/4 diagonal antstretcher, with an anteater of the same speed
Nicolay Beluchenko, 5 January 2006
After a long search, Nicolay Beluchenko has successfully found an 'antstretcher' pattern to match his previously discovered 'anteater'. Individual ants in the 'ants' wick supported between these two structures have an apparent speed of travel equal to the speed of light. Ants can either follow one another exactly, or can be offset by either one or two cells; in this case, the speed of the antstretcher and anteater dictate a one-cell offset between ants.

smaller version of antstretcher
Hartmut Holzwart, 11 Jan 2006
slightly different version of original antstretcher, using a
known small ship (shown on the left) to complete the pattern
Hartmut Holzwart, 11 Jan 2006

Glide-symmetric double antstretcher and a 90-bit spaceship
Nicolay Beluchenko, 5 January 2006

c/4 diagonal combined antstretcher and tubstretcher
Nicolay Beluchenko, 7 January 2006
Another new combination that has turned up is a connection between a tubstretcher and a tubeater, producing the interesting object at right. Further exploration of tubstretchers and tubeaters yielded the collection of new adjustable-length spaceships (and a puffer) shown below.

component allowing the construction of a tubstretcher/eater series
Nicolay Beluchenko, 15 January 2006
standard blinker puffer version of Nicolay Beluchenko's tubeaters
Hartmut Holzwart, 13 Jan 2006

pairs of known c/4 diagonal spaceship components can eat tub wicks:
Nicolay Beluchenko, 13 January 2006
three more variants of single and double tubeaters
Nicolay Beluchenko, 13 January 2006