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2005 June 18

New Compact Corderships

New 5-engine Cordership  David Bell  5 June 2005 David Bell has constructed a new, compact 5-engine Cordership that contains a releasable sideways glider, and has compiled a series of related results. The pattern at the far right shows a number of ways for the Cordership's northeast edge blocks to be suppressed, allowing the sideways glider to escape.

Paul Tooke's 3-engine Cordership turning an LWSS These new results build on other new Cordership constructions recently -- in particular, a small 3-engine Cordership discovered by Paul Tooke (with the help of Paul Callahan's handy 'gencols' utility) on January 12 of last year. David Bell discovered that it can turn an LWSS 90 degrees, as shown here.

Bell has also produced a series of related Cordership-rake patterns: A Cordership-based glider-to-backward-LWSS reaction
A 'beehive-puller' Cordership
A p96 forward glider rake
A new smaller p384 'Freeze-Tag' spaceship
A reaction converting two forward gliders to an HWSS
p192 backward HWSS rake
A p96 backward HWSS rake
A p768 backward HWSS rake
A p96 forward LWSS rake
A p96 forward MWSS rake
An alternate p96 forward MWSS rake
A p768 forward LWSS rake
A high-period Cordership-based feedback loop
A wide thin p96 backward rake
A p288 'litterbug' spaceship
A p96 backward LWSS rake
An alternate p96 backward LWSS rake
A p96 backward MWSS rake based on a loaf puffer
A backward LWSS puffer based on an eater/tub-with-tail puffer

Related to this last pattern, he notes that a line of tub-with-tails "can support one side of a switch engine without being modified. Two diagonal lines of them can support one or more switch engines at the ends, and one line can support a 3-engine wing component."

Update: 24 June 2005 2:20p

A diagonal c/12 p96 glide-symmetric double backward rake
A p96 three-stage tail producing a double-backward-rake spaceship
A p96 block-staircase puffer tail for the double backward rake
A p96 diagonal c/12 period 96 sideways glider-inserter rake
... And an updated version of Jason Summers' c/12 p96 diagonal lineship: see the new posting on this subject.