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2011 August 08

Engineered Objects
Painting with pulsars

As we've been busy recently, there have been no LifeNews postings for the last couple of months. Nevertheless, there have still been miraculous discoveries in Life that need reporting; this is one such example.

Pulsar-based display device

'Triller' from Nathaniel's forum has engineered an impressive construction: a fully functional display using pulsars to represent individual pixels. The display is continually refreshed at regular intervals, updating it with the data contained within several memory loops.

As he/she has included a comprehensive description of the mechanism, it would violate Occam's razor for me to describe it in great detail. However, there are some interesting features worth mentioning:

  • Triller has opted for period-30 technology, as opposed to the more modern option of Herschel tracks. This makes the device significantly more compact than its stable counterparts.
  • The image data is contained in data loops, similar to the Golly-ticker in Golly's pattern collection.
  • The sample image is the set of hexadecimal symbols, displayed in alternately ascending and descending order.