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2011 May 07

Greyships & Spacefillers
Oblique Antstretcher

Since time immemorial, there has been a desire to find a c/5 orthogonal anteater. The motivation arises from the existence of a c/4 diagonal antstretcher, which produces a compatible oblique line of ants. By fusing the two components seamlessly, a growing spaceship could be created.

Matthias Merzenich has finally found this long-awaited anteater, enabling completion of the antstretcher.

Matthias' antstretcher, rendered in Union Flag colours to celebrate the recent Royal Wedding!

Eight copies of this can be combined to create another example of a 'space-nonfiller' (a term coined by Jason Summers), the earliest such example being discovered by him in 1999, which expanded at the vacuum speed limit.

Jason Summers' original nonfiller.