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2011 January 10

Extensible Spaceships
First c/5 greyship, and a new c/3

Extensible edge for a c/5 greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 28 Feb 2010
The previously known base c/5 ship is shown at the left
In February and March of 2010, Hartmut Holzwart found the necessary repeatable components to allow the construction of a striped greyship with a new speed -- one-fifth of the speed of light, with the direction of travel parallel to the stripes in the adjustable-sized center region.

Complete c/5 greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 20 Mar 2010
By combining the ascending and descending components,
arbitrarily large c/5 spaceships can be created.
Finding an element for the descending back slope of the c/5 ship was difficult, as can be seen by the length of the supporting structure; a spider finally provided a compatible supporting spark.

c/3 greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 12 Apr 2010
The new component along the northeast edge allows for a steeper
c/3 termination of the striped area than was previously possible.
The next month, Holzwart also found a new termination for c/3 greyships, allowing a different angle of descent at the back of the ship.