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2010 April 29

Glider Guns
New Period 45 Glider Gun

    96P55A5     88P55    Matthias Merzenich has found a period-45 agar that can be stabilized with Pentadecathlons to produce the oscillator shown at left. The oscillator can be altered by moving and changing the phase of one of the bounding Pentadecathlons to create a Period 45 Glider Gun (on right). Period 45 is currently the shortest known odd period for a true-period gun.

Smaller p45 gun: Matthias Merzenich, 29 April 2010
Reductions by Dave Greene and Adam P. Goucher
UPDATE: Some further adjustments produce a smaller variant of the gun, making it the smallest known odd-period gun of any type (either true-period or pseudo guns). The closest competitor is the pseudo-period-23 gun, in a longer and somewhat thinner bounding box (68 by 34), which miraculously interleaves two period-46 glider streams. The next smallest true odd-period gun appears to be the period-55 gun, with a much larger bounding box (291 by 250).

p45 agar found by Matthias Merzenich, 29 April 2010

Here is a larger sample of the original agar from which the gun was produced.