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2010 January 31

Update: new territory for Online Soup Search

31192-tick methuselah "Edna", 10 January 2010
found by Erik DeNeve using Nathaniel Johnston's online soup search
On January 10th, Erik DeNeve broke a long-standing record for long-lived 20x20 patterns. Using Nathaniel Johnston's Online Soup Search utility, he found a pattern that takes over 31,000 ticks to stabilize. He christened it "Edna", after Methuselah's wife. The previous record-holder, Andrzej Okrasinski's Lidka, lasted 29,055 ticks, but has considerably fewer ON cells in its initial state.

31082-tick methuselah based on "Edna"
Nicolay Beluchenko, 11 January 2010
Nicolay Beluchenko modified a descendant of the "Edna" pattern to produce a methuselah with only 26 ON cells, which still lasts 31,082 ticks before stabilizing.