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2009 April 14

New Oscillators

A summary of new long period oscillators found in the last month by Nicolay Beluchenko.

New P37 First is a Period 37 Oscillator. This is the first oscillator to be discovered with this period.

New P30 Next is a Period 30 Oscillator consisting of a four-boat engine bound by four Pentadecathlons. With suitable sparks, this engine can double any periods of 13 or greater, as in this case where the Pentadecathlon's period of 15 is doubled.

New P33 This Period 33 Oscillator shows how four previously known Period 33 Oscillators (92P33) can interact. These interactions can be extended to larger agars.

New P24s Here are a couple of Period 24 Oscillators based on a central Octagon like core.

New P10 Next are a pair of Period 10 Oscillators.

New P84 New P12 Next is a small Period 12 Oscillator, along with a Period 84 Oscillator which uses the Period 12 to suport a pair of Pi Heptominoes.

New P9 This is a Period 9 Oscillator.

New P80 New P120 New P160 Finally, here are several ways found by Jason Summers where a previously discovered Period 40 Oscillator shifts around a Blinker to create longer period oscillators.