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2009 March 17

Engineered Objects
Working 2c/3 Signal Elbow

2c/3 signal elbow:  Calcyman, 2 June 2008
Working stable 2c/3 signal elbow
Last June, Calcyman noticed the surprising fact that the standard wire termination for normal 2c/3 signals works just as well for the double-length signals put out by a previously known 90-degree 2c/3 signal elbow.

Dean Hickerson's original block-deleting 2c/3 termination almost certainly wasn't designed with this in mind, but it happens to absorb a double-length signal in exactly the same way as a standard signal -- the final stable state is the same in either case. This means that communication speeds approaching 2c/3 can be implemented over long distances in any direction, not just diagonally.

In the accompanying diagram, the input Herschel signal is circled in red. The output signal can be any of a number of optional glider outputs in the Herschel circuit at the bottom.

Two elbows in a row will not work (there's no known way to turn a double-length 2c/3 signal). But in the absence of layout constraints, a single elbow is sufficient to send a 2c/3 signal anywhere in the universe.