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2009 February 28

Stable Reflector with Record Recovery Time

Calcyman has designed a multi-stage stable glider reflector with a recovery time of 466 ticks -- an improvement over the long-standing record of 497 ticks, at the cost of a somewhat larger bounding box. Calcyman's 466-tick-recovery stable reflector

The reflector can be used as a glider-to-Herschel converter with the same recovery time, by replacing the final glider-producing conduit with a standard Fx176 component. This makes it possible to build glider-to-spaceship converters with 466-tick recovery times, also, by replacing the initial glider-to-Herschel stage in Stephen Silver's LWSS, MWSS, and HWSS converters.

New pattern: LWSS breeder

Lucas Brown has constructed a new type of breeder, in which a rectangular array of high-period glider rakes moves eastward while producing gliders that crash to form p30 glider guns. Gliders from the p30 guns crash together in turn to produce streams of northbound spaceships. Lucas Brown's LWSS breeder

Here is the same breeder after 5000 generations -- the seventh LWSS factory has just begun to produce spaceships, and the component p30 glider guns in the eighth factory have started up but their gliders have not yet collided. Click this image for a closer view of the initial breeder pattern. LWSS breeder after 5000 ticks