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2008 November 23

New Small Period Oscillators

37P4 Nicolay Beluchenko has found a new, small Period 4 oscillator.

44P30 Quad Queen Bee He has also found a new variation of the old Queen Bee Shuttle in which four of them form a closed loop. This is a variation of a known wick structure.


Turns out the Period 30 oscillator (or one very much like it) was first encountered 38 years ago by William Gosper. It was the first Period 30 oscillator built from the discovery that Queen Bee shuttles could interact with each other and survive. For some reason, in all the years since this object never made it into my list of known oscillators.

New Period 3 Oscillators Dean Hickerson's search programs have uncovered a host of new small oscillators with periods ranging from 3 to 12.

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