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2008 February 09

Glider Constructions
Glider Collisions With 16 Bit Objects

I've recently completed a run of all possible collisions between a Glider and a 16 Bit Object (both stable and oscillating). Presented in the extended entry are about 500 collsions which may be useful in the contruction of other objects, where a single Glider quickly transform the object into another unsual object, or transform in place to a common object. (In some cases, I've added a second Glider to clean up any other extraneous objects.) Not included are those cases in which there is a simple transformation which can also be exhibited by a similar collision with a smaller object.

16 Bit Collisions - Age Record The longevity record was established by these two collisions. They both converge on the same resulting census, but the one on the right takes 17408 generations while the one on the left takes 17641.

16 Bit Collisions - 2 LWSS Among the results of this collision are, after 526 Generations, two Lightweight Spaceships heading off at right angles, and a single Glider in the opposite direction.

A number of rare or unsusal objects also appeared in the final census for some collisions. Shown here are those cases where 3 or fewer cases for a particular object are found.

16 Bit Collisions - Unsual Part 1

16 Bit Collisions - Unnusual Part 2

16 Bit Collisions - Unnusual Part 3

16 Bit Collisions - Unnusual Part 4


Turns out that I'd improperly included two collsiions as producing 14.487, when they actually produced a 16.487. Instead of deleting them, I've just properly relabeled them and left them in place. Thanks to Bobby Baum for noticing this.

16 Bit Collisions - Part 0 16.4 — 16.648

16 Bit Collisions - Part 1 16.654 — 16.1437

16 Bit Collisions - Part 2 16.1441 — 16.2197

16 Bit Collisions - Part 3 16.2199 — 16.2366

16 Bit Collisions - Part 4 16.2367 — 16.3271

16 Bit Period 2 Oscillator Collisions 16P2

I can also provide a full .zip file of all these collisions, each in a separate file, and including all objects up to 16 bits, upon request. Just use the email contact address. (I could just post this, but I'd like to actually know who finds all this of more than passing interest.)