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2008 January 27

New 2c/5 Spaceship

P68H5V0 Harmut Holzwart has found an new Period 5 2c/5 Spaceship.

P150 2c/5 Pseudo-Rake Nicolay Beluchenko then found that a spark from this object could be used to convert Lightweight Spaceships into Gliders. He used this reaction to create the Period 150 Pseudo-Rake shown here. The Spacehip Gun at the bottom generates a stream where each spaceship becomes a forward-moving Glider.

2008 January 06

Glider Constructions
Oscillator Construction

17P8.1 Construction Jason Summers has found an unoptimized construction of the "Smiley" [17P8,1] Period 8 Oscillator.

New Spaceship Flotilla and Constructions

New 50P20H10V0 Victor Pecanins noticed that a previously known Spaceship escorted flotilla (42P20H10V0) could have its central element extended by several bits.

Construct 42P20H10V0 Mark Niemiec then came up with constructions for both these flotillas. And as he points out, there are certainly more variations with different length ships out there. Construct 50P20H10V0

Some New Oscillators

To start the new year, here's a compendium of some oscillators found during the previous few months that never got included in a posting.

P6 Oscillators First are some Period 6 Oscillators found by Nicolay Beluchenko. P6 Oscillators

P30 Oscillator Next is a Period 30 Rotor found by Karel Suhajda that requires 4 sets of P30 Glider Guns to generate the sparks necessary to turn it into a rotor. Finding a better stabilizer would be a worthwhile small project.

P7 Oscillator P10 Oscillator David Eppstein has contributed a Period 7 Oscillator and a Period 10 Oscillator, both of which have an isolated two-bit spark appearing in the upper right corner in generation 6 and 9 respectively.