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2007 October 06

Spaceship constructions

Jason Summers has found some new spaceship constuctions. These are the type where a pair of Lightweight or Middleweight Spaceships are used to escort a togalong or or other unstable engine.

32P4H2V0.5 Construction First is a way to build a 32 bit Period 4 Spaceship which consists of an "A" tagalong supported by a pair of Lightweight Spaceships [32P4H2V0.5], constructed by firing thirteen Gliders into a pair of Fishhook Eaters and a Boat.

32P20H10V0.1 Construction Next is a construction that uses eleven Gliders to build a 32 Bit Period 20 Spaceship which consists of a B-Heptomino Engine supported by a pair of Lightweight Spaceships and a Glider [32P20H10V0.1]. The Glider tagalong suppresses a very messy exhaust from a period 20 engine, turning it into simple Spaceship.