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2007 September 16

Glider Constructions
More Glider Constructions

66P29.1 from 13.9 Mark Niemiec has found a way to construct a Period 29 Pre-Pulsar Shuttle Oscillator. His original construction created the [13.9] pair using a reactions that started with Blinkers (also shown here), but I have subsititued Dean Hickerson's recently discovered 5 Glider construction. Fortunately, the two objects are far enough apart and located such that none of the incoming Gliders for the second interferes with the first. This reduces the number of needed gliders from 34 to 28. 13.9 from3P2.1

21P5.1 from 13.59 + 4.1 Next is a way he found to build a 21 Bit Period 5 oscillator [21P5.1]

Niemiec's P5 oscillators He also found a method of converting a Period 3 Mold [12P3.1] into a Period 5 Oscillator rotor stabilized by a variety of Stable Objects. Shown here are [17P5.1] using an Aircraft Carrier [6.4], [18P5.2] using a Fishhook Eater [7.3], and [19P5.1] using a Shillelagh [8.2].

Hickerson constructions Finally, here are a few more constructions found by Dean Hickerson's search from last summer.

2007 September 15

New Period 36 c/3 Puffers

P36 c/3 Puffers David Bell found a new type of Period 36 c/3 puffer engine, and gave some examples that produced a Block, Boat, Beehive and backward rake Glider. Nicolay Beluchenko then showed how the Beehive and Glider rakes could be combined to produce a forward Glider rake.

P36 c/3 backward Glider rake