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2007 July 28

New Oscillators

Here is a collection of new Oscillators found over the past months.

New P5 Wick Terminator Karel Suhajda found a new terminator for a Period 5 Wick which could already be stabilized by a Fishhook Eater. He also found a way to combine four of them, which could also function as a terminator for a wick or use his new terminator.

New P5 Wicks Nicolay Beluchenko took a previously known Period 5 Oscillator and showed how it could be made into a wick several different ways. Also shown is a way to combine four into a single oscillator, and a way to create branching, "dendritic" structures. Shown here are three off of a central fourth. New P5

New P3s New P4s New P5s He also found a collection of Period 3, 4 and 5 Oscillators which feature sparks along one or more edges. One of the Period 5 sparkers can be used to support the Period 5 Wick shown above.

New P18 and P44 Suhajda also found four new ways to support a previously known Period 18 agar structure to create oscillators. Each one is shown here in a single object. He also found another agar of Period 44 for which Beluchenko found a stabilizer (Suhajda's orginal stabilizer used Gliders from Glider Guns to contain the structure.)

New P6s Another of Suhajda's discoveries are a Unix [16P6.1] -like component which can be supported in three different configurations, two requiring an acutal Unix. A wick form, however, isn't possible. He also found a different Period 6 Oscillator with an accessible spark.