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2007 May 17

New Long Period Oscillators

Here's another set of miscellaneous long-period oscillators found recently—

694P12 First is a huge Period 12 Oscillator found by Jason Summers. It consists of two pairs of Period 6 Fountain Oscillators flipping back-and-forth a Period 12 Rotor.

140P24 A Period 25 Pre-Pulsar Pusher, also found by Summers. The Period 5 Oscillators provide sparks which push the Pre-Pulsar 3 cells in 11 generations, while the stable objects return it in 14 generations.

P44 oscillators Another type is a Period 44 Oscillator. Shown here are two ways to suppress the double Pi Heptominoes thrown off every cycle. He suggests that these Pis can be perterbed to produce other objects, including Glider Guns.

moreP44 oscillators Nicolay Beluchenko found a number of ways to two or four of these Period 44 engines to interact and support each other. Shown here are just a sample of these.

more P44 oscillators Beluchenko also found a wick version, for which Artem Dergachev found the simple Block stabilizers.

P44 glider gun Finally, Beluchenko was able to create a Glider Gun by changing the phase of one of the rotors and using a Fishhook Eater to suppress part of the interacton between the two.

2007 May 14

Engineered Objects
Golly 1.2's hexadecimal counter

Version 1.2 of the cross-platform CA editor Golly was rolled out in mid-April. The main new feature is multiple layers that can be either stacked or tiled, showing either separate universes or multiple views of the same universe. Sample scripts and show possible ways to use this.

hexadecimal counter in action
/Hashing-Examples/ hexadecimal counter using modified metapixels
Among other additions to the pattern collection, updated versions of some of Stephen Silver's archive from 2004 have been added to the /Spaceships folder. And Hashing-Examples now includes a two-digit hexadecimal counter using metapixel technology -- a 30K pattern file that encodes a 32768x20480 pattern with over two million ON cells:

Some more detail on the hex counter, with a series of screenshots at different scales, can be found in this weblog entry.

2007 May 11

Some new oscillators

80P24 144P24 Jason Summers has found a new Period 24 Oscillator based on a pair of Twin Bee components stabilized by four Period 6 Unix oscillators. From that Noam Elkies has found a couple of other ways to stabilze this rotor.

225P4 Karel Suhajda has also found a Period 4 fountain-type oscillator. These types of oscillators feature a spark well away from the body of the oscillator, making them useful in the costruction of Glider Guns and other engineered patterns

2007 May 02

Glider Constructions
Glider Collisions and Constructions Update

Dean Hickerson has continued ot look for Glider collisions which result in single objects. Presented here are those found in the last month.

4 gliders:
Hickerson's 4 Glider Constructions

5 or more gliders:
Hickerson 5+ Glider Constructions