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2007 April 03

Restricted Patterns
Life Digits update

Stable Digits Dean Hickerson has updated his digits webpage to include many new stable objects and pseudo objects. He also shows how it is possible to come up with a number which produces a Period 30 Glider Gun.

Shuttles Nicolay Beluchenko also found a few new, large stable objects, and also came up with some numbers which produced the Period 30 Queen Bee and the Period 46 Twin Bee Shuttle elements. Hickerson was able to come up with numbers that result in oscillators based on those shuttle elements.

2007 April 01

Glider Constructions
Glider Collisions and Constructions

description As menitoned in an earlier posting, an ongoing project of mine is to catalog the collisions of a Glider with 16 and 17 bit objects looking for anything of interest. One of these was a reaction with a [16.732] that resulted in a Fishhook Eater [7.3] and some debris. In trying various ways that a Glider might clean it up, I came across a [10.14] instead. A quick examination showed that this object was the result of interacting with a Long Boat [7.2] predecessor. Since Long Boats can be made with three Gliders, this meant that a [10.14] could be made with four, an improvement on the previous minimum construction of five Gliders.

17P2.198 construction 17P2.198 construction This announcement seems to have triggered an avalanche of new constructions found mostly by Dean Hickerson, with a few by Mark Niemiec. First he posted a eleven Glider construction of a [17P2.198] Period 2 Griddle-type oscillator. This is a considerable improvement over previously known constructions for Griddle-type oscillators, which took from 14 to 16 to more Gliders to make. Numerous techniques for altering the Beehive [6.4] inductor to other objects are well known, but Mark Niemiec showed how it could also be convereted before stabilization into a Boat [5.1] or a Loaf [7.4] by two additional Gliders, a considerable improvement over the conversion of the Beehive into those objects. (The images shown here begin at Generation 199 of the basic 11 Glider construction.)

Hickerson has also been investigating multiple random Glider collsions, and from these has presented a hos of new constructions, mostly four to six Gliders. Many ore improvements on previously known constructions, which also means that constructions based on those objects are also improved. From a few of these, Niemeic also found shown some improved variations, mostly of pseudo-objects.

from D.Hickerson:
Hickerson's Glider Constructions

from M.Niemec:
Niemiec's Glider Constructions