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2007 February 25

Wicks & Fuses
New Period 2 and 4 Wicks

New P2 Wick Element New P2 Oscillators by A.Dergachev Another Period 2 Wick found by Artem Dergachev.

New P4 Wick Variations by A.Dergachev He also found a couple more Period 4 Wicks.

New P4 Wick Variations by A.Dergachev Nicolay Beluchenko found ways to attach other Period 4 oscillators to the wick element previously presented, as well as a way to bind two parallel wicks to each other.

New P4 Wick Variations by A.Dergachev Finally, a miscellaneous collection of extensible Period 4 oscillators and wicks from Beluchenko.

More New Period 3 Oscillators

Period 3 Oscillators Nicholay Beluchenko has found another set of small Period 3 Oscillators.

Period 3 Oscillators 2 Period 6 Oscillators The second batch shown here are a variety which depend on smaller Period 3 Oscillators to survive, and which can be attached together in various ways. The last line shows how to use a Bipole to create trivial Period 6 Oscillators. It can also be combined with a Period 6 Oscillator (the Unix).

2007 February 17

New Small Period 3 Oscillators

New P3 Oscillators Nicolay Beluchenko has found a new set of small Period 3 Oscillators, including one with population of only 19 bits.