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2006 December 13

More Period 4 Wicks

New P4 Wick Element New P4 Oscillators by N.Elkies and N.Beluchenko New P4 Wicks by N.Elkies and N.Beluchenko Noam Elkies has found a new Period 4 wick element, along with a way to stabilize it into an oscillator. Nicolay Beluchenko came up with some other stabilizations, which allowed for elements to alternate along their central spine.

New P4 Oscillators by Nicolay Beluchenko New P4 Wicks by Nicolay Beluchenko Beluchenko later found a way to stabilize the wick such that the end stabilizer did not protrude beyond the central spine, along with an outside corner element that allows for the creation of rectangular oscillators. (A similar, inside corner element is not known.)

2006 December 10

New c/4 Diagonal Spaceships

New P4H1V1 spaceships Nicolay Beluchenko has found a few more new Period 4 diagonal c/4 spaceships.

New Period 4 Wick Oscillators

New P4 Wick Element New P4 Oscillators by A.Dergachev New P4 Wicks by A.Dergachev Artem Dergachev has found two new classes of Period 4 wicks, along with a stabilizations for them. The first wick element can be placed together in two different orientations, as shown in the samples. The first few orders of the homogeneous wick (with all connections the same) is also given.

New P4 Wick Element New P4 Wicks by A.Dergachev