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2006 August 12

Glider Guns
Period 92 Glider Gun

87P92A5.1 102P92A5.1 Brice Due has found a new variety of Twin Bee Period 92 Glider Gun, shown here on the right. On the left is shown a previously known Glider Gun which was simply a pair of Period 46 Guns with every other Glider removed from the stream.

190P644A5.1 Dave Greene has also used this new gun to make a smaller version of a Period 644 composite gun.

Game of Life Turing Machine Website

Paul Rendell has again made available his Game of Life Turing Machine document.

Period 6 Wick Oscillator

P6 Wick Oscillator Josh Ball has found a signal source for a previously known Period 6 Lightspeed Wick and terminal end. Shown here is a minimum case for the oscillator as well as a longer version.

c/5 Diagonal Twin Tubeater

c/5 Diagonal Twin Tubeater Nicolay Beluchenko has found a Period 5 c/5 diagonal tubeater. Shown here is a Period 4 c/4 tubstretcher forming a growing spaceship.

Transcendental Objects
New Quadratic Growth Puffer

P140Quadratic Growth Puffer Mitchell Riley has found by hand a 40 bit pattern which quickly becomes a Period 140 Quadratic Growth Puffer which produces a Switch Engine every cycle. Also shown is Gen 1540, where the fifth Switch Engine is just starting out.

P140Quadratic Growth Puffer