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2006 March 20

Glider Constructions
P2 Slow Salvo Eater Recipes

Paul Chapman's Glue project is producing some interesting results. Glue (or rather Glue 2) is a search program that finds "natural" constructions of singlets (indivisible p1 and p2 patterns) by starting with a target object -- usually a block -- and bombarding it with a p2 slow salvo of gliders.

Here, 'salvo' means that all the gliders come from the same direction; 'slow' means that glider #n+1 must not arrive until the reaction from glider #n's collision has settled down into stability or a p2 oscillation, and 'p2' means that the only timing constraint on the gliders is that an even or odd phase may be specified. (Many intermediate collision results contain blinkers, beacons, toads, or other p2 patterns, and a glider on a given input lane can interact with a p2 target in two possible ways.)

Click on the image to download the pattern in Koenig's annotation format. Annotated RLE allows for multiple layers in different colors, with the extra information specified by h, v, and color parameters in the header; it is backwards compatible with standard RLE (at least for most Life editors.)

Here is a text file containing the individual recipes in RLE format, with comments giving the lane list for each recipe. Note: some of the recipes build an eater that is a mirror image in the main diagonal of the one shown above.

Here's a screenshot of the current version of the Glue 2 search program used to generate these recipes:

Some additional images and details are also available, including an MCell-format version.