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2006 January 30

Various New Oscillators

P7 Sparker Scot Ellison has found a new Period 7 Sparker.

P4 &quotSuper-Fountains" Nicolay Beluchenko found a much smaller Period 4 super-fountain style oscillator, and then managed to shrink it further.

A fountain-type oscillator is one which has a phase in which a spark is separated from the body of the oscillator by several cells distance. The maximum possible distance is the oscillator's period less one. These isolated sparks make the oscillators useful in guns and other engineered objects.

P4 Beluchenko also has found a Period 4 Oscillator component (which comes in two varieties) which can be supported by Period 2 components.

P4 wicks & rings By using Period 2 components to connect them, any number of these Period 4 components can be combined to create wicks and rings.

P4s He also found another set of Period 4 Oscillators whose halves can be recombined in various forms.

P4 And finally one last small Period 4 Oscillator.

2006 January 11

New Long Period Oscillators

description Jason Summers has found a few new long period oscillators. First is a Period 22 Oscillator whose basic rotor can be repeated. Shown beside the simplest version is an extended example.

description He has also found a Period 14 Oscillator and a Period 27 Oscillator with similar rotors.