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2005 December 11

Object Miscellany

Here a number of new Game of Life objects discovered in the past few months, in no particular order:

2005-12-11-P360-spaceship.rle A Period 360 c/5 spaceship found by David Bell. Removing one or two of the circulating gliders gives a Period 1080 spaceship instead

2005-12-11-20P3.rle Nicolay Beluchenko has found a 20 bit variant on a known Period 3 oscillator.

2005-12-11-P7-osc.rle Scot Ellison has found a set of Period 7 Oscillators, one as small as having a population of 38 Bits, which have some isolated sparks in one of their phases.

2005-12-11-P7-osc.rle A pair of Diagonal c/4 Double Wickstretchers found by Nicolay Beluchenko.

2005-12-11-P6tagalong.rle A tagalong for the recently discovered Diagonal c/6 Spaceship, found by Nicolay Beluchenko.