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2005 September 06

Greyships & Spacefillers
Greyship Update

smaller 2c/4 perpendicular greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 14 July 2005 2c/4 perpendicular greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 14 July 2005 Hartmut Holzwart has constructed several new 2c/4 greyships (spaceships consisting primarily of alternating lines of ON and OFF cells -- see this previous post.) Here are two versions of a 2c/4 perpendicular greyship, in which the direction of travel is perpendicular to the alternating stripes, instead of parallel to them:

Perpendicular grey ship in triangle form (-1/10,1,-1/4) Perpendicular greyship in triangle form (-1,1,1/4) It's possible to shorten an arm of one of the above ships to get a triangle, as shown at right. Some further incomplete perpendicular-greyship results can be found here. Another triangle that uses some of these connections is shown at the far right.

c/3 greyship: Hartmut Holzwart, 24 July 2005 Other greyship speeds are also possible. Here is a parallel greyship that travels at c/3 instead of c/2: