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2005 January 30

New Period 6 Oscillators

description Nicolay Beluchenko has reported two new variations for known Period 6 oscillators, and three other new Period 6 oscillators.

2005 January 29

Glider Constructions
71 Glider Collisions

Jason Summers has made available two labeled reference tables of the results of the 71 possible glider collisions:

Glider collisions sorted by input path and direction Glider collisions sorted by input path and direction:

Glider collisions sorted by output Glider collisions sorted by output:

2005 January 23

New Period 4 Oscillators

Olive Olive P4s P4s

Nicolay Beluchenko has discovered a large set of related Period 4 oscillators. They are based on components which can connect to the rotor component he calls the "Olive", shown at right. This component can be connected to other Period 4 oscillators and rotors when one of the right cells outlined in red is active during generation 4n+1, and then when one of the left cells is active in generation 4n+3. Three examples supported by various P4 with suitable sparks are shown.

Also shown are a selection of the new objects reported. Not all of these include the Olive component, but contain components which can be combined with it to produce other oscillators.

2005 January 10

Lightspeed Signals
Lightspeed Signals Update

Gabriel Nivasch has updated his webpage on lightspeed signals. These are structures and objects in which a signal propagates faster than the empty space limit of c/2.

2005 January 09

New Diagonal c/5 Spaceship

86P5H1V1 Jason Summers has found a new diagonal c/5 spaceship. With a population 86 bits in its smallest phase, it becomes the smallest known example for this speed and direction. It is less than one third the size of the next largest example, which has a population 295 bits.

2005 January 07

New Blinker Puffer

Blinker puffers Harmut Holzwart has found a smaller version (on the left) of a c/2 Period 8 Blinker pair puffer first reported by Chris Lu in August of 2002 (on the right).

2005 January 04

New c/5 Spaceships

description Paul Tooke has found some new c/5 spaceships.